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There are many problems right now in the society. Some of these problems can be easily solved, or can be impossible to solve depending how bad it is. Many people think these problems should be solved by the governments, since they are in charge. But we can also solve these problems if we get together. Not all the problems, but some that can be solved. I think the three major problems in the society today are: unemployment, violence, and pollution, bullying, RH bill, poverty, pre-marital sex, injustice and abortion. This chapter is about my stand and thoughts about my society’s problem.

The first problem in the society right now is unemployment. Many people today are either unemployed or underemployed. Some of these people just stay home and collect their welfare check every month, when they should go out and at least try to get a job. If there are more people like this, the country would be poor and therefore the government would have to collect more taxes. Also the standard of living would decrease because of their income that is way below the average income. Right now, there is also a big gap between the low income people and the high income people and this is becoming a problem. Low income people are starting to get lower wages and higher income people are starting to get higher wages. I think the main problem is Filipino people have a high standards in terms of hiring people and many of us who are unemployed want to have a instant high salary we should also endure hardship if we want to be a successful man or woman. The government should also do a move regarding in this problem because nowadays it seems like the government is not responding to people’s need they only respond in what they need.

As we live in the modern world with lots of technology surrounds us we sometimes to forget to care our mother nature. Today there are lots of sickness that attack us even though we people have a cure for it, many of us still dies in a particular sickness, it’s because of our surroundings that make us even sicker especially in here, in the Philippines. If you look around you’ll see a garbage everywhere, a dirty rivers and lakes, and a pollute air. I know that there are lots of groups that are protecting our mother nature but we should not defend on them because it’s not enough, I think we Filipinos don’t have a discipline because we spit everywhere, throw garbage everywhere and urinate in the dark sides of the streets. The government should pass a harsh law regarding on littering and hygiene of the country. People should not also blame the government for not cleaning the dirty river and should not rely on the street sweeper in the morning instead Filipino people should make a move to clean our rivers, seas, streets and surrounding.

Here in the Philippines RH bill is a hot topic. It seems like the church and the government does not get along very well, this is the main reason why we Filipino’s does not prosper. People are either anti or pro RH bill. In my own perception RH bill should be passed because it will have a big affect in our economy. RH bill will somehow prevent teen pregnancy because of the sex education of the bill although, I think many people will abuse this law. RH bill will also lessen poverty because many families will be encourage to undergo family planning because there are lot of people in our community are not aware of the responsibility they have to take when they have sex they just think of the pleasure but not the responsibility. I know that abortion is together with RH bill but it will somehow lessen it by using contraceptives. There are many elements that can affect RH bill but it will somehow lessen crime. Because many of the crime is committed due to poverty and many parents has a lot of children to support so what they do they steal so that they can give their children their necessity and also it...
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