social policy and the family

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A- Two social problems that the family ‘often gets the blame for’ is crime and educational behaviour. The new right view say that the family are the cause of these problems because of the decline of the traditional nuclear family and the growth of family diversity.

B- one way professionals police and regulate families is that doctors tell parents what to do and give parents advise using their expertise. For example they can tell parents what to do or give their children if they are ill or have any problems. Another way professionals police and regulate families is by sending couples to parental classes so couples can be taught and shown on how and what to do in a variety of situations to help them with their children to ensure they have the best upbringing they possibly can have.

C- one similarity between New labour and the New right view is that they both say the family is very important and is the core of our society. They also both talk about giving security. One difference between the New labour and the New right view is that the New right view believe the family should help themselves and not rely on the government whereas New labour believe the government should help families.

D- a social policy is the actions, plans and programmes of government bodies and agencies that aim to deal with a problem or achieve a goal.

One law created was the sex equality act. This act made it so that women aren’t discriminated and are treated equally at work. This was done by making more woman be in full time work. This had a big impact on family life as it made more dual earner families which led to the share of housework and childcare in families.

Another law created which has affected families is the divorce legislation. Gradually the changes in the law have made divorce easier. There has been three main changes to the law which was equalising the grounds for divorce between sexes, widening the grounds for divorce and to make divorce cheaper. The divorce laws have given people more reasons to get a divorce and so the amount of divorces have increased. This has been argued to undermine the conjugal relationship which is traditionally at the core of the family, producing ‘less stable’ family forms such as lone parent families and reconstituted families. This affects the family as it means more children are being brought up by a single parent perhaps on benefits or suffering financially. Another law which effected the family was china’s one-child policy. This policy meant that couples we’re only allowed to have one child which they would often have to seek permission to have or to be put on a waiting list. This was put in place so they could keep control/a record on the population of china so they could easily manage it. Anyone who complied with this policy would get extra benefits such as free child health care and higher tax allowances, an only child would get priority in education and housing later on in life. Anyone who broke this policy would have to pay a fine and repay their allowances. This affected families as it meant that there was mainly smaller families and not big families. This often meant that families in china were more financially well off than families in other countries such as England as in England their tends to be bigger families which means more finances are needed to support and care for their children. Because of the financial punishments for having more than one child, it created more pressure for people to have abortions.

Another policy that affected families was those of the soviet union. They saw the family as oppression so wanted to get rid of it. The soviet government in the 1920s changed the laws to make divorce and abortion easy to obtain, the constitution guaranteed equality between both sexes, women entered paid employment on a vast scale and the state began to provide workplace and other communal nurses. This affected families as it meant there wasn’t as many due to...
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