Social Policy and Social Programs

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My choice of agency is Daytop Village vs. PSI/HELP. These two agencies offer similar programs and services to clients who are suffering with either substance abuse issues or HIV/AIDS or both. Here is what they required to participate in the programs. Criteria to Participate in HELP/PSI’s Residential Health Care & Drug Treatment Program is having an AIDS diagnosis, must be 18 years or older and a history of Substance Abuse Issues. HELP/PSI operates a 66 bed residential health care facility in the Bronx that provides comprehensive medical, mental health, social work and substance abuse treatment services to people living with AIDS in a modified therapeutic community. A Therapeutic Community is a self-help approach that treats the whole person primarily through the use of the peer community. PSI/HELP accepts all Medicaid, and is funded by OASAS, and private donations. Daytop is based on the Therapeutic Community (TC) model. Individualized treatment plans provide professional counseling, medical, social and spiritual attention. Daytop’s mission is to provide treatment for individuals and families leading to a healthy, drug−free life through services that are individual, comprehensive and multidisciplinary without regard to race, religion, and nationality or socio−economic status. Clients are referred to Daytop by schools, doctors, corporations, unions, and court systems. Daytop does not discriminate based on a person’s referral source or prior treatment history. Clients are screened to determine if the program is appropriate for their treatment needs. Our staff works with various organizations to coordinate treatment procedures and payment options and supply “return to work” authorizations by a SAMHSA accredited physician. Daytop accepts fee for service, some private insurance, and Medicaid. If potential clients are deemed eligible for...

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