Social Policy and Drug Research Paper

Topics: Recreational drug use, Drug, Opioid Pages: 3 (865 words) Published: October 16, 2008
Social Policy and Drug Research
by Daniel Patrick Moynihan

The major idea that the author discussed in this article was how current social policy is aimed at decreasing the use of illegal substances? The question progresses whether research efforts must stick to this policy in order to be considered ethical. If research is to be judged in fair terms, what effect does this have on the selection of research projects to be funded, how the research is done? and how the findings are treated by the public, as represented by both professionals and the media? All these questions need to be taken into considerations while looking at this current social policy.

The author presented to us that we have to understand what is causing this unstable increase in the nonmedical use of drugs that occurred during the seventh and eighth decades of this century. Also the vast increase in the illegal use of psychoactive drugs began in the early 1960s, mostly in educational institutions. This can be caused by the age group and the cultural interactions with music and lifestyle of youths. This use of nonmedical drugs has later rapidly increased and during the 1970s it reached epidemic proportions. One such person who can answer this epidemic in nonmedical drugs is Norman Zinberg, a professor of psychiatry at the Harvard Medical School. Zinberg’s was the author of Drug, Set, and Setting. He was once neighbors and friends with the author of this article. His accomplishments were widely known by the mid 1960s. One drug crisis in the urban surroundings discussed in this article was heroin and how it was a powerful addicting drug. This urban crisis somewhat gave a wakeup call to the President of the United States and took action to the Congress in proposing a considerable legislative program that addressed urban matters. The program was to address the issue and let other countries notify their officials and embassies of this crisis. At that time, most of the heroin used in the...
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