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Social policy refers to guidelines and principals that are used to improve the lives of people. As noted by Midgley, J .(1994). Social policy refers to the principals and guidelines that guide people in human relations and interactions and how people deal with particular issues in society. Social policy has two activities involved there is policy meaning a guide to making decisions while social refers to people and organizations in society and their interactions. These include institutions, religion, family, education and economic relations. Church, family and education/economic relationships. Whereas a policy is a set of ideas or plans used for making decisions or principals which guide the course of action towards a desired outcome. Social policy is also concerned with the study of social service and welfare state. The subject ‘social policy’ developed from social administration in general. It is mainly concerned with issues that are social (to do with people). Social policy can also be said to be a set of guidelines and principals that guide people in human interactions and relation. SOCIAL WELFARE

Social welfare according to Popple , P (2005), is a system of benefits and services as well as programs that are arranged by the nation, private sectors or individuals to meet those economic, education, health and nutritional needs that are fundamental to the wellbeing of people and stability of the society. Other welfare services include probation services offered to people who are at fault with the law. A good example is Nakambala reform in Mazabuka. Social work and social welfare are mutually exclusive they reinforce each other in their works. Social workers work for social welfare agencies to improve the lives of people. Social welfare is provided to people who are vulnerable. These include the aged, orphans, widowed etc. and also the youth who have the determination to get educated but do not have the capacity to do so. This comes in form of...

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