Social Philosophy and Freedom

Topics: Social philosophy, Left-wing politics, Respect Pages: 2 (284 words) Published: August 30, 2010
When discussing freedom, some fallaciously believe, or would like to believe, that freedom grants license to do whatever one pleases. This implies that disrespect toward others and violations of their rights are permitted. It assumes license to do anything one pleases.  

Freedom does not enjoy the right to disrespect others, and it does not permit violation of the rights of another person. The word “license” when applied to freedom means to do whatever one pleases; however, license is not inherent in freedom. Freedom has a boundary, and that boundary is the rights of another person. Where one person’s rights begin, another person’s freedom ends. Freedom is enjoyed by everyone when the speech and/or actions of one person do not infringe upon another person’s freedom to achieve his own internalized goals.  

The following diagram demonstrates the licentious freedom of the person on the right infringing upon the right of the person on the left without the right to do so.  
Irresponsible Freedom
The following diagram demonstrates the responsible freedom of two persons, each exercising their personal freedom of choice to pursue their own internalized goals without violating the right of the other to do the same. This is what RTP teaches.  

  Responsible Freedom
Summary: Licentious freedom is irresponsible. It appeals to people’s volition to constantly make decisions to disrupt the environment wherever they are, violating the rights of others and showing disrespect for them. Responsible freedom, on the other hand, appeals to people’s volition to make decisions to maintain the integrity of the environment wherever they are and thereby show respect for others. RTP teaches others to be responsible with their God-granted freedom.
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