Social Observation

Topics: Sociology, Observation, A Great Way to Care Pages: 4 (1619 words) Published: February 4, 2011
For this paper, I chose to do my observations at the restaurant that I work at. I went into Giordano’s Restaurant around four o’clock on a Friday afternoon, which was about an hour before I had to be there for my shift. I asked my manager if I could sit in a booth and eat some food before my shift. After his consent, I took the entire hour to sit, eat, and observe. I watched many different people come and go through the doors, but I mainly focused on two tables and a waitress. The type of research I completed was qualitative, meaning that it focused more on the physical things I was observing. The level of analysis was micro, which means that it is an analysis dealing with small groups of people or one-on-one interactions. The method of data collection I used was observation, which is obvious for the fact that I sat back and watched the actions of others and observed their behavior. People/Characters:

Like I previously mentioned, I watched many different people come and go through the doors, but I only focused on main tables and waitress. The first table was a younger couple around the age of seventeen or eighteen. Both the girl and the boy were of Caucasian race, and were probably students. I knew the boy was a student because he was sporting a Guilford High School basketball uniform. He was probably dropping in for a little dinner before his basketball game later that night. Neither the boy nor the girl was married due to the lack of rings on their fingers and probably because of their age. The second table I decided to focus on was a Hispanic family of four. The parents, one female and one male, were probably in their early forties. Although I could not pin point their occupation exactly, the man was dressed in a business suit and the woman was dressed in nice apparel also. They both had rings on their left hand symbolizing their marriage. The woman had obviously gone through a mid life crisis and had a recent surgery of breast implantations. A midlife crisis...
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