Social Norms

Topics: Normal distribution, 2007 singles Pages: 2 (811 words) Published: June 17, 2012
The two social norms I decided to violate were, speaking to family and friends in a voice much louder than my regular volume during regular conversation, I took my boyfriend’s spot on the couch, dinner table and the bed, and I told my son he could watch whatever he wanted and observed what it was he liked to watch. Each Sunday my family comes together to eat and socialize. We talk about all sorts of things and attempt to solve and disagreement that have happened. This past Sunday, when I went to my bothers home I greeted everyone in my normal tone of voice. As we started to talk through the course of the meal, I elevated my tone to just make sure I was loud. This was so hard for me because when I am normally up to something I crack up at the first person’s reaction busting my agenda out. Anyway, my mother decided we were going to talk about why my brother refuses to go to my sister’s wedding. Each member of the family told what they felt in a nice and intimate tone. When it was my turn I started out very mellow and with the change of each sentence got louder. My sister was the first to notice. She just kept repeating “wow you’re passionate about this subject today.” I knew she just what she was referring to, but I continued to see how long it would take for someone to say “Dang you’re talking loud or Do you know you are very loud, we are all right in front of you!” It took about 15 minutes before my uncle said “Damn Tiffany, we are all in the same room there is no need for you to speak as loud as you are.” Everyone agreed with him. At that moment, I busted out with laughter. They all looked at me as if I was going crazy and then my mother says, “What is so funny?” At that point I told them they were all a part of my school assignment and what the assignment was. The family was so relieved. My uncle said, “I thought we were going to have to take you to the doctor to check your hearing.” What I learned from observing my family is that people will ignore the...
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