Social Networks are changing the way we see things

Topics: Web 2.0, Facebook, Social network service Pages: 4 (1367 words) Published: February 17, 2014

Social networks are changing the way we see things. It’s rare to see someone without a cell phone, I- pod or any other electronic because that's all that people use. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter and other popular networks have taken over my community. Not only my community but they have taken all over the world particularly. Being part of that community where we are all in one place frustrates me because I feel that there’s no way out. There are a few advantages of using social networks like meeting new people, communicating with family members or friends around the world or by updating your status. The problem is that social networks are not good for my community since there are several things that could happen. Social networks may be entertaining but what people don’t realize is that they affect us in several ways, they affect our community and they changed the way we communicate. Social networks can be very distracting; they keep you updated to what you’re family or friends post daily. Even though social networks can be very distracting, they affect people in ways people don’t even know. According to the article of social networking “social media enables the spread of unreliable and false information. (ProCon: 1) With false information on the internet you will never know who you’re talking too! You might be meeting people online but you’ll never know if they’re actually someone real. Other than being provided with false information; social networks in my community are a waste of time. According to the social networking article, “social networking sites entitle people to waste time. People spend more than an hour on social media sites and it’s the “biggest waste of time” above fantasy sport, watching TV and shopping. (ProCon: 2) Not only are social networks a waste of time but they also affect the people in my community through preventing from someone to get a job because of what they post. According to a freshman in college, employers are looking...

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