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Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Friendship, Social network aggregation Pages: 4 (1256 words) Published: August 6, 2010
In spite of the advantages afforded by social networking sites they can have potentially harmful effects.

It is undeniable that social networks have a lot of advantages; still they also have several disadvantages. It is common knowledge that many people, especially young people, have heard about or belong to at least one social networking site. Social networks’ users rely on these sites to maintain their social relations and entertain themselves. It seems that these networking sites offer many advantages for their users both at a social and at a personal level. So it is normal for these users to spend long hours using the wide variety of applications that the sites have. However, this does not mean that spending so much time logged in will not have adverse effects on the users’ social and personal well being. Many youngsters are not aware of the negative effects that the overexposure to these sites may cause. Despite all the benefits provided by social networking sites, their excessive use can affect young users’ social relationships and health in a negative way.

It is reasonable to acknowledge that social networks are beneficial for young users because they allow them to make new friendships and maintain the old ones. Besides, the sites are a really useful and helpful way for keeping in touch with friends or relatives living abroad in the sense that it is much easier, faster and cheaper than communicating via telephone. Apart from that, these networks are very practical in academic and working environments since they make it easier to share information among peers. It seems that these sites with their so varied opportunities benefit people in several ways.

However, spending long hours using social networking sites is said to undermine youngsters’ interpersonal relationships in such a way that it may end up leaving them in total isolation. Of course, there are some who claim that these networks are an excellent opportunity for young people not only to...
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