Social Networking Sites Bring More Benefits Than Harms.

Topics: Pornography, Addiction, Internet Pages: 5 (1739 words) Published: September 22, 2012
Argumentative Essay: Teen Internet Addiction
“The Internet is a socially connecting device that also is socially isolating at the same time. People who spend the majority of their time online are reporting problems in their marriages, families, relationships, and work performance” (“Internet Addiction Diagnosis”). In 2012 there is a new problem that is arising called Internet addiction. The average amount of time people between the ages of 8 and 18 spend on the Internet every day is about seven and a half hours and some people even more(“If your kidspar. 2). With the amount of time people spend on the Internet, it makes people wonder whether or not we can even go one day without it. Internet addiction can be compared to many other customs of addiction, but it is becoming more noticeable as our world evolves into an advanced era of technology. The people who think this is a problem is concerned parents and family members of the affected teens and the people who are for it are just people who think that technology is really beneficial to society as a whole. Although technology has many positive results such as communication with distant friends, research for school, or online job applications, It may also cause negative effects for society. Addiction is a very serious predicament no matter what form of addiction it is. Addiction is being abnormally tolerant to and dependent on something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming(OED). This could pertain to anything from an addiction to drugs to an addiction to chocolate. Some addictions are more serious than others but no addiction should be ignored. Some of the most common addictions are drug, alcohol, gambling, and Internet addiction. When someone becomes addicted to something they will go to great lengths to get whatever it is that they are addicted to. This causes behavioral problems with the individuals who are affected by addiction and it could possibly cause problems with the people that are affiliated with the addict. Teens in particular are a big target when it comes to Internet addiction.

Teens and adolescents are the biggest targets when it comes to addiction on the Internet. We are doing things on the Internet now that just blows people’s minds. Just a few short years ago, Internet capable gadgets were very large and weighed a lot but now their small enough to fit in your hands. You can talk to people on the Internet that are six thousand miles away and it’s free to do so. People can play live video games with other people who are across the globe and it’s really just a phenomenal thing we have today. There are different things that you can do with the Internet today. One of the main things people use it for is online gaming. There are many varieties of games that are compatible with online gaming. Computer and console games are the things that are getting people addicted and changing their lives. The people who are most affected by this is adolescents. The adolescent kids find that the games put them in an intoxicating state of mind and all they want is more and more games and that leads to them becoming more and more addicted to the online video games. According to Peter Holtz and Markus Apple, “Online gaming, communicational internet use, and playing first-person shooters were predictive of externalizing behavior problems (aggression, delinquency) (par. 1).” For example, these kids could play the games and something could go wrong.Anything from them having a bad game to there parents telling them that it was time for them to get off and it would cause some serious aggression. The aggression is part of the behavioral problems that Holtz and Apple explained. With the aggression comes the delinquency. Any number of illegal actions (like theftand substance abuse) can sprout from aggression and delinquency when dealing with the adolescent kids and teens, which is why this form of addiction is such a problem. One growing form of Internet addiction is...
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