Social Networking Sites and Graduate Recruitment: Sharing Online Activities

Topics: Recruitment, Employment, Human resource management Pages: 11 (3512 words) Published: September 19, 2011
Social Networking Sites and Graduate Recruitment: Sharing Online Activities? Debdeep Paul * , Kusum Lata**
* , ISM Dhanbad , Department of Management Studies ** , ISM Dhanbad , Department of Management Studies


The increasing impact of social networking sites in communication and socializing worldwide brings attention to how they affect recruitment processes of graduates in organizations. Many employers are now searching for graduates’ data to complement their assessment of job candidates and hiring decisions. While this still is not developed as a common practice by (HR) practitioners and recruiters, existing research remains underdeveloped from the perspective of graduates’ use of such sites. In this paper we analyze key impacts of cyber personal data of social networking sites for students and graduates’ job opportunities. We use a combination of activity theory and interpretive analysis of data we obtain from graduates participation in several popular social networking sites, which enables us to ascertain more clearly the role that sites could play in recruitment. Findings from graduates’ experiences indicate that such sites have been used by a large proportion of them and with a variety of purposes. Graduates use these sites to post their cyber personal data to reflect their daily lives, with no little or no regard for the content and its potential effects on employers. This leads us to suggest the importance for graduates to project an adequate perspective of their daily activity to potential employers on social networking sites and for further clarification on how they can become a common reference for both employers and graduates.

Keywords: Social Networking Sites, Recruitment, Cyber-Personal Data, Activity Theory.


The increasing use of technologies like the Internet has pervaded many aspects of life. Nowadays, people are fond of communicating and interacting through online sites to have different, interesting and worldwide experiences. These websites now store large volumes of data of their users. This suggests that individuals’ data could now be made available online to anyone accessing it. The impact of such data in areas like employee selection and recruitment has not been fully understood or managed by companies, and both recruiters and recruited could post or access data for different purposes. Companies might be using social networking sites to verify information provided by candidates through other means (CVs, interviews). How will a person’s data affect his/her future job prospects? How could different uses of the same data be reconciled for the benefit of both companies and candidates? In this paper we investigate the impact of social networking sites data in activities of recruitment. Role of Internet in HRM

Of late, there have been countless transactions through a technology-- called Internet. It has revolutionized the functioning of organizations; Human Resource Management (HRM) is no exception to it. Given the dynamic nature of HRM in organizations driven by technology, where it is no longer just a single unit but a group of HR discipline plans, processes, product and services its own entity and managing such an enormous range of service is not possible without the help of Internet. It systematically integrates the multifaceted HR department and helps in the overall effectiveness and efficiency of HR function. HR Portals enable delivering HR works in a secure and confidential way and can be used with the ease of ‘click of the mouse’ giving access to a range of organizational-, text and graphs. It has changed the way HRM function used to be managed. It helps managers to scrutinize the employee records and access policies and procedures, gather information related to employee problems, rate the employees and inform employees about their salary increases, etc. It improves the efficiency of delivery...

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