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Topics: Social network, Sociology, Social network aggregation Pages: 1 (301 words) Published: September 26, 2014
Social Networks How do you explain to say somebody what Social Network is ? What Social Network Analysis is ? Network Analysis is the keyword For the 21st Century Researchers , Politicians , People talk about Networks around you. How do you explain what network is? What is a Network ?  Web Definition : A set of nodes, points, or locations connected by means of data, voice, and video communications for the purpose of exchange. Social Networks  A social network is a description of the social structure between actors, mostly individuals or organizations. It indicates the ways in which they are connected through various social familiarities ranging from casual acquaintance to close familiar bonds. Social Networking Sites     

Social Networks A Boon or A Bane
Good  Social networking made communication much easier.  Friends and family now have a quicker, cheaper way of keeping in touch, making important relationships easier to maintain.  Site help you keep in touch with friends you already have, but they also help you form new relationships. Good  People can find others who share the same interests or hobbies.  Bring together people from all different cultures and races: breaking down boundaries that may otherwise exist in everyday life.  Sites gives bands to build up a fan base and show off their talent.  Using the Internet for personal use can increase your productivity at work by up to 9%.  Sites, can help you land a job. Bad  People can use these sites to prey on the naive and vunerable.  Sensitive information like:dates of birth, addresses, marital statuses, and jobs. All of this can be used against you by a fraudster.  It is also easier for people to harass, stalk and bully you through these sites.  People could invent fake businesses or products and advertise them on social networking sites, in a bid to take your money.
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