Social Networking Good for Society

Topics: Thought, Mind, Human physical appearance Pages: 2 (486 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Krystal Bullock
April. 16, 2013

1. Cass Sabotage’s Her Appearance Because , Men Simply Thought Of Her As A Sex Machine And Didn’t Care If She Was Crazy Or Not. Her Sisters Were Jealous Of Her , Constantly Accused Her Of Misusing Her Beauty , And Not Using Her Mind Enough. Out Of Five Sisters , Cass Was The Only One Who Seemed To Attract Men , Which Made Her Sisters Even Angrier , Because They Felt Like Cass Wasn’t Making The Best Of Them. While She Was Staying At A Convent , Cass Got Into A Fight With Two Girls Who Was Jealous Of Her Beauty , Which Left A Permanent Scar Along Her Left Cheek. And Instead Of Making Her Look Less Attractive , It Highlighted Her Beauty Which Attracted More Men Towards Her.

2. Cass Thinks The Narrator Is Lucky To Be Ugly Because , He Has A Fascinating Face And When People Take The Time Out To Talk And Listen To You , Or Even Get To Know , You Know It’s For Something Else Other Than Your Beauty. In Cass’s Case , People Think Beauty Is All She Has. She Says ‘’ Beauty Is Nothing , It Won’t Stay. ‘’

3. Cass Slashed And Scared Her Throat Because , She Thought It Would Make Her Less Attractive Towards Men. She Took A Broken Bottle And Tried Cutting Herself. She Hates The Fact That Guys Only Like Her Because She’s Beautiful , And Instead Of Trying To Get To Know Her , They Use Her For Sex Then Leave The Next Day. But Instead , It Made Her Beauty More Appealing , And Caused More Problems.

4. ‘’ Cass Was Crying Without A Sound. I Could Feel The Tears. The Long Black Hair Lay Beside Me Like A Flag Of Death. ‘’ These Symbolizes Cass’s Untimely Death. The Fact That She Was Laying There Crying And Not Saying A Sound , You Can Tell That She Was In Deep Thoughts About Something Negative , And Never Once Said Anything Or Gave A Hint That She Needed To Talk. And When He Said That Her Long Black Hair Lay Beside Him Like A Flag Of Death , That Should Have Indicated Something. She...
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