social networking

Topics: Facebook, Social network service, Sociology Pages: 2 (1003 words) Published: October 29, 2014
Social networking
Social networks keep growing in the everyday use to share information or to interact with others. As information can be spread faster over a social media people tend to rely on that and more schools are making social networks part of their curriculum to discuss school topics. Social networking gives people the chance to interact with new people; it can also help those who are looking for jobs or those seeking to make a change in their community. Social networks have created communities to interact among their members by sharing personal information. As more and more people apply to become members by frequently visiting and interacting with others in that media, making that particular media stronger than that of another. As many social medias are open to anyone, some may have restrictions to who can be a member by having an age limit or specific group. As some people would like to join a social media to remove themselves from society in many cases it could become stalking. Social Medias can also delay the growth of interpersonal skills in teens. Many times news reports are to appear in social media faster than they would in the news channel, as reporters would post the breaking news on social medias like Facebook and twitter. But as it could also be biased information that could cause unnecessary chaos. In most cases social medias spread unreliable and false information more than 40 percent of the American people have heard false news over the social media; like twitter and Facebook causing panic. As more and more adults begin to become more familiar with the new technology social networking has allowed them to improve their relationship and make new friends. As 70 percent of the American adults are using social medias to visit sites that would let them connect with their friends and family, increasing their online communication relationships. As people use social medias (Facebook) the more stressful the person would be to use that media....
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