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While Social Networking is expanding everyday all over the world, it is changing our lives for the good and sometimes for the bad. Social Networking offers a variety of ways people communicate with each other. In addition, these sites can pose major threats to individuals through the privacy settings within each of these sites. Today in our lives social networking can impact our lives in many different ways. Nowadays, social networking has been taking a big part in our lives especially through the existence of gadgets that help us access programs such as; Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and much more. Did you know that fifty-four percent of companies prohibit the use of social networking, but fifty-seven percent of employees admit to using social networks during the work time for personal use? And twenty percent of all divorce cases are directly caused by social media. Complaints about inappropriate conversations, or just plain jealousy between couples, end a marriage that could have blossomed into a family tree. People who live in the same household can’t even talk to each other anymore. Some parents are becoming adapted into the lifestyle of having to “post” something on their child’s social networking page advising the child to come to the kitchen for supper. It seems as though that a person has lost the effectiveness towards their own verbal communication skills.

The question that many people around the world ask is: “Does social networking affect our lives?” Social networking has risen during the past few years as people tend to find social networks more familiar and relying on this with their communication styles. Social networking first began to develop in 1994 where the first website Geocities was formed so that users are allowed the capability to develop their own websites. Since then I believe that social networking websites such as Facebook and MySpace have made users communicate in the way of nonverbal communication where when they communicate verbally they tend to lack on how to communicate with others properly. I believe that social networking makes people act differently since they are allowed to pretend on social networking that they are someone they are not. By this, it can lead to bullying and bullying can lead to stress and depression. Also the issue of cyber bullying has risen in the past couple of years as the popularity of social networking begins to increase and users tend to be harassed through social media on many different negative concepts.

First of all, let’s talk about social networking in general. I think every minute someone is logged on, the further they are becoming unaware of the world. They tend to become addicted to the websites after being logged on for a while. Social networking websites make children and adults incapable of adapting in their own daily routine. I remember the days when you wanted to impress that special someone, so you got a new haircut. You wanted to make a new friend so you approached them and started a pleasant conversation. In society today you write something funny on Twitter or update your profile picture on Facebook to really seal the deal. Even in our professional life, cyber socializing has evolved to such an extent that posting special pictures online can get you in trouble with your boss. Now businesses even take advantage of social media by tweeting about products and events. Who can draw the line between your professional and social life anymore? Society has grown dependent on reciprocal communication not only for social interacting but defining one’s social identity. We have reality and the cyber world consisting of social networks like Facebook, Twitter and much more. There are obvious reasons why we get a social network account such as it is much easier to keep in contact with family members, reconnect with old friends or to promote businesses. They can also simply be good fun! Spying on your crush, stalking your favorite celebrities on Twitter so you...

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