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Topics: Social network service, Facebook, MySpace Pages: 3 (1190 words) Published: December 5, 2013
This morning I woke up, and the first thing I did was pick up my phone and check my Facebook. I noticed that I had a few notifications: one friend request from an unknown person; automatically declined, a few likes on my most recent status, and something that seemed to be a little surprising to me—four comments on the photo from Atlantic City last weekend. This was the only notification that caught my eye, so I clicked it. The photo was a picture of me, my boyfriend, and my parents in a casino. We were posed in the entry where you could see a bar and slot machines behind us; nothing classless, just a casual picture. However, I noticed a few people had commented what they initially thought of the picture. One of them stated, “What is a girl like you doing in Atlantic City? Shouldn’t you be paying for college instead of gambling your money away?” This person clearly had no significance to me, so I ignored the comment and moved onto the next one, it was an agreement to the first comment, “Drew’s right, you really shouldn’t be in Atlantic City during this time of the year… I thought you were smarter than that.” The truth is none of these people knew anything about me or why I chose to go with my parents to Atlantic City to begin with. I had no explaining to do, nor did I need this photo to reflect on my reputation, so I deleted the picture and blocked the two teens from my account; I didn’t need them starting any rumors. In the segment “Facebook: Editing Myself”, by Mrigaa Sethi, the main character seems to be overwhelmed by all of the pressure added onto her by means of social networking sites. She feels as though every person who comes into contact with her page will judge her if they see provocative or derogatory statuses or pictures. Sethi’s traumatic stress began when she received a Facebook message from one of her creative writing students, as follows: It seems that I’m number 2 on the waitlist for your 9:30 Tuesday-Thursday class. Anyway, I just wanted to say...
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