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Topics: Abuse, Bullying, Verbal abuse Pages: 2 (697 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Effects of Verbal and Emotional Abuse
The effects of verbal abuse and emotional abuse intertwine because verbally abusive statements play on the victim's emotions. For example, the simple statement, "You're just looking for a fight!" tells the victim what he's doing and thinking, accuses the victim of attacking the abuser, and diverts the topic to a new problem (avoiding a fight).3 Emotionally, the victim feels misunderstood, unimportant, and afraid of what may happen if he presses the issue. Is this how we want our loved ones to feel? There are many causes for verbal abuse. Some people have grown up in the environment of a verbally abusive parent or parents and the chain continues in many cases onto the children (learned behavior); a person who feels they are insufficient in the eyes of society and have not succeeded; a person that has had a lot of bad luck and feels they are judged by their peers; a person that hasn't had the opportunities others have and feel cheated; lack of confidence; over-confidence to the point of having a high ego within themselves and they feel other people don't stack up to what they feel is on their intelligence level; medications can cause a change in personality; different diseases can change a person's personality; Alzheimer's and Dementia (sister to Alzheimer's) can change a person's personality as well as traumas such as rape, losing a loved one to murder, physical or emotion abuse including partner physical and emotional abuse. A master at verbal abuse can damage your self-esteem while, at the same time, appear ... Answer: Physical abuse is easily identified. There is no doubt, once you have ... you are living with someone who goes verbally ballistic for very little cause. ... Major Effects of Infidelity · Responding to Your Spouses Infidelity · Negative ...

Effects And Causes Of Addiction Social Networking Essay
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