Social Networking

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Social Networking
Kristen Carter
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II.Different types of social networking
A.Personalization of your page
III.Positives of Social Networking
A.Mobility Disorders
IV.Negatives of Social Networking
A.Amanda Todd’s Suicide
B.Loss of socialization skills
C.Permanent personal information
D. Loss of job opportunities
V.Hyper networking problem with teens
A.Facebook depression

Social Networking’s Impacts on Society
Social Networking is a growing media that most of the population either uses or is at least aware of. In January 2010 incites had conducted an online survey with 2,884 consumers from over 14 countries, between the ages of 18-55. More than 90% had at least known of Social Networking and 72% have had at least one social networking site in their life (Raymond Tay). This means that if you were to stand in a room full of people and ask who has a Social Network page, most likely more than half the room would raise their hands. Some may believe that this is a harmless thing, because the media only focuses on the positives of Social Networking, although there are many negatives that can also change your mind on what Social Networking truly is.

Some examples of a Social Network page are Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and YouTube. These can be great ways to stay in touch with friends, family, and people that you may not have seen in years (Syed Noman Ali). You can also learn to know people fast. A single click of a share button can find you almost 500 friends within just a few days (Raymond Tay).

Most of these sites can be personalized to your liking with backgrounds, music, and pictures. This shows a great way of expressing yourself to interest other people into talking to you (Ebonny Wheeldon 2010). On Myspace you can choose from thousands of different backgrounds that best suits your personality. There is also a box where you can go through thousand’s of band pages and pick your favorite song to be played for whoever clicks your page. Not all sites are set up like this though. Facebook’s set up is much simpler. You get to pick a profile picture, a cover photo that goes to the top of your page, and then you get to “tell Facebook what’s on your mind,” which is exactly what the box for communicating says. Most of the sites are more like Facebook now, where it’s very simple and not as decorative as Myspace, for Myspace is a “dyeing” social networking site.

A great positive of having a Social Network site is for people with physical mobility restrictions (Raymond Tay). This helps them build and maintain relationships with new friends and family. When you are unable to get outside, or go to school like a normal child it is a great way for you to see more of what you are missing, and be able to have that connection with someone else you would not be able to find without going outside. Another thing is when a family member gets shipped overseas for the military. This is another great opportunity to stay in touch with one another.

In 2010 after Hurricane Haiti most of the communication likes were destroyed. Social Networking was used to spread the word of the damage Haiti had caused. It also was used to help let people know of what they needed in order to help the victims of the hurricane (Raymond Tay). There were also charity text messages that went all around the world raising over $10 million for the victims of Haiti. Celebrities were asked to help spread the word of the cause through their twitter accounts and that caused the amount of the charity to double.

Unfortunately the negatives of Social Networking are starting to grow, and causing major problems with our society, some even leading to suicides. Recently an event occurred in Vancouver. A young girl named Amanda Todd was convinced to flash a guy on camera and was harassed about it for years. The guy used the advantages of text messages...

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