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The Internet nowadays is getting more and more vital in our lives. It had become one of the necessities that we human cannot afford to lose. Along with the introduction of the Internet, social networks were also enhanced and so do mobile devices that linked to the social networks. Examples of social networks are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. All of these social networks enable users develop a closer relationship among each another, no matter how much distance between the users. By using these social networks, users also can share their latest status, upload their latest pictures, instant message other users with a cheapest cost and yet at a fastest speed.

With the introduction of social network, 67% of adults online to use the social networks, and a large amount of them log in to Facebook on a daily basis. Since social network grew in a tremendous way, it is important to note the advantages and disadvantages of the social network bring to the society.

With social network, users may save up a lot of time in during research. It is much more convenient when they just type in whatever they wanted to look for at the “search” tab. Besides that, users can just keep in touch with their friends all over the globe as the invention of social network is to reduce the distance within two persons at two different places. Moreover, in terms of business, business can also promote their company by posting their advertisement on social network page. Hence, it improved company’s revenue indirectly.

However, there are also many disadvantages of using social networks. Trust and privacy issue is always the main concern of the social networks. Besides that, issues like online bully, fraud, kidnap, etc also may happen, starts with the social network. Therefore, this research reviews the possible advantages and disadvantages of social network to the business and society.

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The introduction of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace has profoundly transformed the way people interact socially. It has a significant impact on how Internet users communicate search and share information today. Traditionally, people used to contact each other with phone or mail, which cost very high. Nowadays, people can just send their message through Internet and get a reply from there. With the invention of these social networking sites, families and friends become ever more present on the social networking sites, many internet users felt that it is the most convenient and cheap way to communicate. Hence, social networking has become the necessity tools to acquire for most people recently.

Since social networking became such important object for us, people tend to spend more time on it. Some social networking sites help members to find a job or establish business contacts. Most of them also offer additional features like designing their own profile page (blogs), listening to music and video sections, uploading pictures, etc. What make social networking sites special is that they can help users to look for list of friends that are the same type as the users. During the signing up for a social networking site, individuals are asked to answer several questions. The list of suggested friends is generated using the answers to these questions, which is typically about age, location, interests and an “about me” section.

Although the introduction of social networking sites helps us in many ways, it also brings a lot of negative impact to our lives. Privacy issues, data mining, risk of child safety, online bullying are some of the main concern nowadays as the popularity of social networking sites are growing...
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