Social, Mental and Physical Benefits of Keeping Fit. P.E

Topics: Exercise, Confidence, Self-confidence Pages: 2 (425 words) Published: October 16, 2012
Why should you take part in sport? I’ll tell you why by explaining the social, mental and physical benefits of keeping fit!
Mental fitness is key in life, whether it’s a decision of what way to get to school/work or to create that killer pass in a football match that could win it for your team. By taking part in sport activities you will enhance your mental stability on how well you react and make decisions, making school work or your general job so much easier as you will be able to make that instinctive thought on what to do or how to do it. It will also allow you to stay more focused on your achievements, for example rock climbing. The way rock climbing improves your mental stability is making your brain think a little more on going the safer/less risk routes on your trek up the rock. All of which is necessary in your usual day to day life.

Social fitness is another one that can be directly applied from team sports where you need to communicate and make new friends in order to succeed. This helps you in jobs and in school to improve you self confidence and social ability in which to talk to fellow apprentices or school members. You will be able to express yourself so much more and not worry about embarrassing yourself in front of new potential friends. By joining a sports club that involves communication and friendship you will honestly find it so much easier to make that new best friend/work colleague.

Lastly your physical appearance will improve drastically, providing you eat healthy and stick to your regular exercise you will be guaranteed to feel twice as good and confident about yourself in other activities. You will get the chance to tone that beer belly from Christmas or eating all those sweats from Halloween which will allow you to feel so much happier about showing off your athletic body rather than that old couch belly. Physical could arguably be one of the most important factors of keeping a healthy lifestyle and feeling confident in social...
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