Social Media Speech

Topics: Social media, Communication, Twitter, Sociology / Pages: 3 (544 words) / Published: Oct 21st, 2012
We’ve all heard of them. Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr are just a few of the websites that consume the vast majority of anyone who can afford a computer or phone’s life. While it is such a huge part of our lives, it leads to the question, do we even enjoy it? Or is it just another way for people to fit in with today’s society?
It is undeniable that social media makes our lives easier. Within the clicks of a few buttons you can plan something with your friends, have a whole conversation with somebody or share your opinions with the whole world. Many people have referred to it as a way of socialising, but it just isn’t the same as meeting up with somebody and going somewhere together. While it seems as though we are just making friends in a whole new way, social media is quickly becoming something that we will not be able to live without.
For example, when you are out at a party, despite there being an endless amount of new people to converse with, you still see many people take a break in the middle and sit down to check their Facebook feeds or what people they’ve never met before are talking about on Twitter. Although it is normal for people to want to know what is happening in the world around them, is it really that difficult to put the phone away or turn the computer off for a while and just talk to somebody face-to-face?
While social media is one of the easiest ways to communicate between friends, it has also become a way to start fights or bring down a specific person. If you have ever been on any social media websites, chances are you have most likely seen a virtual fight happening right before your eyes. Usually these fights are something that become forgotten after a day, but sometimes somebody defending their friends can turn into a violent battle between people who are clueless about what they are even fighting for.
It is arguable that the social media of today is making people dumber. The fragmentation of already simple words, the misuse of grammar

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