Social Media Research Paper

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Austin Smith
Mrs. Parsons
Advanced Writing
March 28, 2015
Social Media
Smart phones and the advancement of technology nowadays have created communication with almost anyone in the world possible. Most people could not imagine lasting a month, or a week, or maybe even a day without their phone, and one of the most time consuming things we do is social media. As of October 2013, Facebook declared that they had reached over 500 million users on their social media, and over half of those people access Facebook through their cellular devices. As of 2012, the U.S. alone had over 105.9 million users, with North America having more Facebook users than any other continent. Although you may hear people use these statistics to show the world is becoming more united and connected, it really is subtly producing the opposite effect. Social media is causing problems left and right for our next generations who are up and coming, and can be rather frightening.

Before we delve into this discussion, let us first define the topic we are about to discuss. The definition of social media is defined as, “Websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.” Of that definition, social networking is defined as, “The use of dedicated websites and applications to interact with other users, or to find people with similar interests to oneself.” All these social media websites, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. are classified as social media/networking, and as stated previously, are continual causing more and more problems for our younger generations as they grow up and conform to the new ways and paths of society.

One of the problems that social media has caused is how our children are doing in school. Studies have shown that over 96% of college students use Facebook regularly. Studies also show that 25% of Facebook users (remember none of these stats involves any other social media websites besides Facebook!) check there Facebook a minimal of five times per day, and the average time spent on Facebook when anybody visits it is 20 minutes. That’s over an hour and a half spent on Facebook everyday, which doesn’t mix well when studies show that students who check their Facebook, other social media websites, instant messaging, or have any of these running in the background during their study sessions, there grades averaged 20% lower than all students who are solely focused on their studies. The humorous part about the above fact is the fact that 79% of college students do not believe that Facebook is a contributing factor to their lower grades. In simple and easy areas of life, the majority of students are continually showing a place of social media and their connections with others above their schoolwork most of the time. If our students cannot handle the responsibilities given whilst in college, how can we expect them to run our country? Will they not naturally follow the same path they have been following? Social media and technology is taking over the lives of our younger generations, is reaching out to the older as well, and is showing problems in more areas than just schoolwork.

It is true though that supposedly classes that twitter in class see the grade points of students, on average, rise by half. Although this is quite an accomplishment, and is great that they are raising grades, what does this actually promote? All they are doing is allowing more of the social media and school to mix, which, if we go back to the facts that students a 20% grade loss due to social media, then this would not be the general direction we would want to head, but rather the complete opposite direction. That is, of course, if your goal is to pass the class and gain as much knowledge as possible from the classes that you are paying for, so you can go out and have a successful job life and not struggle to get by.

It is obvious and easy for people to distract other people, even...

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