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Swift Express Rental is a car rental company situated on the wondrous island of Mauritius. Being a tourist magnet country, swift express rental services adult tourists and citizens with up to date, exotic and state of the art vehicles for rent. To be used for the individuals leisure, pleasure and or business trips around the Island. With our head office located at Vacoas and several other outlets spread across the Island, we are only but a call away. Swift express rental was founded by late Sir Richard Bronson in the mid-eighties (1985). He was one of the pioneer tour guides of his time, ferrying tourists from point A to point B sailing boats around the island and showing off the Mauritian aquatic splendor to the tourists who came in search of adventure. Every once in a while he will use his old beat down beetle (Volks Wagen). During the course of his services, development improved around on the island with construction of new road networks and just then he decided to invest his savings in buying cars, moving his business mainly to car rentals and thus became swift car rentals. Over the course of time Richard Bronson, expanded his business as his customers increased, buying more cars and employing more staff till he passed away in 2008. His son Peter then took over and was only able to manage the business for five years, business dwindling and loss of customers pushed him to sell the business. In 2013 a group of friends bought off the business, maintained the name but embarked on a rebranding campaign by buying new cars, renovating old office buildings, building new outlets and developing new advertisement strategies. Realizing that days gone are the days of old where newspapers, television, radio and handbills were the modus operandi in information dissemination, swift express rental have upgraded their advertisement portfolio by introducing and delving into ‘Social Networking Strategies’ to help improve and bolster their clientele by reaching out to a wider, vast, and more specific target audience with the sole aim of improving their customer base. According to the 2012 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, 83% of marketers say that social media is important for their business. And marketers plan on increasing their use of YouTube (76%), Facebook (72%), Twitter (69%), blogs (68%), Google+ (67%) and LinkedIn (66%) in that order. As more companies integrate social media into their marketing and communications plans, emphasis needs to be on creating a social media strategy. Without a strategy, there’s a very good chance you’ll lose sight of your goals, and not make the impact you originally intended.

Like every other modern day business organization, Swift express rental is no different in recognizing that information technology and information systems is the new trend of the 21st century, with its wireless network spanning the world and connecting over one billion users worldwide. Aims and Objectives

Swift express rental’s sole aim and objective is to reach out to and indulge a newer, younger, hip and vibrant customer base on the island employing social networking sites as its mainstream link to adult youths looking to renting a car. Clear cut strategic decisions have been made and implementation is underway with prospects of creating a social media strategy that includes uses of but are not limited social networking sites such as; Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress and Youtube. Swift express rental plans to use this media to gain social presence, market their services on the worldwide web and also to make them easily accessible just by the simple click of a button any and everywhere on the island. This social media strategies aim to achieve the following feats; •Give Swift express rental an online presence

Advertise Services
Increase current customer base
To create a means to receive feedback on customer satisfaction •Enlighten customers about ongoing service promotions
Creating an...
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