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Reflection Essay- Unit 1 Assignment A
Globe University/Minnesota School of Business/Broadview University MBA
MG553.XM1.13SUM: Case Studies in Marketing Management
Jan Tucker
July 20, 2013

Reflection Essay
This paper is a reflection on the article titled “Creating buzz, one day at a time: Low-key, low-cost marketing hits social-media sites” published February 20, 2010 in the Boston Globe. In this article I will briefly state and describe at least three changes in advertising, distribution, and ethics that this article reflects compared to pre-Internet advertising, discuss my impression of the strengths and weaknesses of the concepts that were presented; using at least three examples from my experiences that support my perspective, and finally I will briefly state my forecast of future Internet marketing possibilities. Interactive Marketing

The article describes the ‘shifting advertising landscape’ (Chase, 2010) that has taken place since the inception of Social Media. With the increased use of technology on a grand scale, advertising has become far less reliant on costly print, television and radio ads. Advertising has taken on a much more easily accessible and far more cost effective nature. Gone are the days of reliance on traditional media for advertising. The computer, wireless telephone and even touch screen mp3 players have become the billboard of today. Change is Good

Change is not always a welcome thing, especially in business. The trend toward interactive marketing is anything but an unwelcome surprise. Three of the changes in advertising that can be attributed to Internet marketing are decreased costs, interactivity and the use of Social Media to catapult your product into popularity by good old word of mouth. The only drawback to this large scale marketing opportunity is that some of the Social Media sites use less than ethical measures to extrapolate your shopping patterns, your personal...

References: Chase, K. J. (2010, February 20). Creating buzz, one day at a time: Low-key, low-cost marketing hits social-media sites. Boston Globe. PR Newswire. B5. Retrieved from ProQuest Newsstand database.
Shmilovici, U. (2011, December 26). Eight Ways To Go Viral | TechCrunch. Retrieved July 20, 2013, from
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