Social Media Marketing

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Understanding Social Media Marketing


The term of ‘social media’s marketing’ defines some medium that is able to communicate with everyone through computer (Jim, 2010). In other words, it is a consumer-generated content through online-tool which can easily approach from consumers (Jim, 2010). The electronic commerce, which involves the same meaning of ‘social media’s marketing’, has many potential advantages as well as very important in marketing process (Sam, 2003). The period that a company unilaterally notifies or conveys something leaves and the things which talk with together arrive in recent years (Brian, 2010).

In this paper, the author would like to illustrate the issues or recent trend in marketing using the web sites and analyze future strategies about the fields. First of all, the writer would like to examine successful examples relating to media marketing throughout the world, and analyze the degree of effects. Secondly, in detail, how many kinds of media marketing and these days, what comes up in the areas will be looked. Finally, the strategies and tactics that major companies as well as small and medium enterprises can realize applicable and novel marketing for success in business will be discussed and searched.

successful examples of social media marketing

In terms of anthropology, sociology and ethnology, the works of understanding in social media have become successful secret method in business (Brian, 2010). Joel (2010) who is enterpriser created one person, is known millionaire thanks to Twitter and Facebook, maintains there is little doubt that the success possibility using the Internet is opened despite any barrier and he is certainly living witness proofed this word. For instance, nobody have not expected the success of Wikipedia appeared in 2001 year. However, according to recent research, it lightly surpasses the fame of Encyclopaedia Britannica that is guarded the best position over 200 years. Science...

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