social media in hr

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Role of Social Media in HR
Means of communication has undergone major changes during last century. The growth has been from, communication through telegrams to telephones and currently an entire new series of technical wonders have replaced the earlier modes e.g e-mails, web chats, video conferencing, which in fact have brought people closer, in constant touch and made the world a small place to live. Now is the era of mass digitization with prolific use of ‘Social Media’. The use of technology to communicate, socialize, affiliate or getting acquainted with others, has grown in leaps and bounds. A pertinent change in the functioning of different divisions of an organization especially Human Resource Development, has been made possible through usage of above mentioned media tools. In order to capture the very essence of this widely discussed topic, FIIB had organized ‘HR Conclave’ on 30th Nov 2013, inviting some of the prominent industry members (HR Dept) of well known organizations. To encapsulate what every speaker had to say regarding the topic, I would like to critically examine whether ‘Social Media in HR’ would prove to be a boon or bane for the corporate world. Social Media is a powerful tool, which if used wisely can result in positioning the brand (can be a company, person, place anything) in the mind of the people, what the company wants to project and create its image. It can be used by the organizations to: Target active, passive as well as prospective employees.

Check profiles of the employees, to ensure that the information provided by them is authentic or not. Act as an important means of communication, for training & development of employees and taking employee feedback. Give rewards, appraisals to the employees for their effective & efficient performance. Disseminate the necessary information not only inside the organization but to the outside world, hence helps in creating brand image & equity. It also provides a platform for the employees...
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