Social Media Harms Relationships

Topics: Communication, Sociology, Nonviolent Communication Pages: 3 (608 words) Published: March 5, 2015
Anayanci Hernandez
10 a.m. class

Social Media Harms Relationships
General Purpose: Explain how social media harms our relationships. Specific Purpose: Define the effects that social media has directly to our relationships with friends and family.

Social media has improved our relationships with people that are thousands of miles away, but what about our friends and family that are next to us?
A. Most likely all the people you know carry a small portable square also known as a cellphone. B. But did you know these tiny phones are the key to destroy a relationship?

II. You can walk to any public place and witness people on their phones with friends beside them which who they can socialize, but don't. I confess I am guilty of doing so.

III. I believe we need to be aware of how social media can damage our relationship with the people we care about.

IV. I will explain the three major effects social media has on our relationships. The three points are isolation, comparison, and the lack of communication skil ls.

First, I will reveal why social media can cause isolation.

I. Social media causes isolation and depression.
A. Social Media is addictive. In recent studies it shows that 63% of Americans log on to their social media daily and 43% do so multiple times during the day. (Cite #1 - Top 10 Way Social Media Affects Our Mental Health)

B. This creates less time for people for people that are close.

Next, I will discuss how social media cause comparison.

Anayanci Hernandez
10 a.m. class
II. Constant status updates of people's lives makes us aware of different lifestyles; therefore, we compare lives.
A. People that are on social media can develop unrealistic ideas of how life should be and how it is. (Cite #2- Born Digital)
B. It creates comparison of lives. If the expectations aren't met it can decrease a person's confidence, sometimes even cause depression and pushing away loved ones.

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