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Topics: Mobile phone Pages: 3 (1009 words) Published: April 19, 2013
A Day Without Social Media
Twelve missed calls, seventy messages, and thousands of updates are what I came to after one of the loneliest days of my life. Twenty four hours doesn't seem like much but spending twenty four hours away from something so important to you makes it seem like an eternity. During my time away from my phone I found entertainment in things I usually don't do, such talking with my sister and just spending time with my family. I knew being home all day without a phone was going to be tough so I made some plans with friends to go out later in the night, but the time I did spend home alone was horrible. A day without my phone made me realize that I, like most of my generation, rely too much on our phones and electronics for our social needs.

Not having my phone had a lot of obvious impacts on my life, but it also had a few that I had not thought about. For example, the night before I decided to go without a phone I realized I needed it for an alarm to get up before school. My mother woke me up the following day when she got up to go to work so acted as my alarm for the day. Obvious impacts were the fact that I couldn't text people I was used to talking to everyday of my life. Social media sites went out the window for the day as well as I only check them on my phone and didn't have access to them. My only real source of the outside world was the television.

People don't often notice that social media sites and just plain texting help a person not feel so alone. Usually I go through my day never noticing the loneliness in my house, feeling Ake, Jancy

normal because of people I text and talk to through the internet. On this day, however, I realized how truly alone I was in my home. I noticed the quietness and the lack of things to do around the house. I became a little afraid at the fact at how far everyone and everything felt from me and how vulnerable I was incase of an emergency. Texting and talking give us the illusion of having...
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