Social Media Debate

Topics: Social media, Web 2.0, Sociology Pages: 2 (1143 words) Published: October 29, 2014

English 101
30 September 2014
“Privacy and Social Media” by Theodore F. Claypoole, informs readers of the ways social media has developed security for its users over time. The original intention of social media cites were to share personal experiences, information and opinions on a public domain. Websites such a Google, Facebook and Twitter to name a few began to abuse the rights and sell personal information to companies who would use it to exploit the users. Individual states are beginning to take more and more steps to ensure that the private information that people put onto social media cites stays confidential. His argument differs from others because he claims that the problem is not that of users by any means. Claypoole mentions that the laws put in place by other countries are far more superior to ours. Social media cites are selling peoples information and the government isn’t doing anything to stop them. Claypoole thinks that the easiest way to stop this from happening is by putting stricter laws into effect. Claypoole, Theodore F. “Privacy and Social Media.” Business Law Today (2014): n. pag. Web. 30 Sept. 2014. “A Tale of Three Social Networks” by Pinghui Wang, spends a lot of time explaining to the reader how the social media is set up and how they interact with each other. The authors state that the more users allow OSN’s to interact and connect your different accounts, the more at risk you are for privacy leakages. Research shows that if you make your account private on one account but public on another, anyone can access your information on both accounts. The authors suggest that OSN’s allow users to make their information private and not allow accounts to be found by looking someone up on a search engine. Wang addresses the problem by pointing out the flaws in the way OSN’s operate together. They spend less time talking about the problem as a whole and more time explaining how they conducted their research. Also, the authors don’t place the...
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