Social Media as a News Source

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Social Media as News Source

Table of Contents

1. Scope and Rationalep. 3
2.0 Research Problemp. 3
2.1 Concept Mapp. 3
2.2 Questionsp. 5

2. Search Planp. 6
3.3 Search Activitiesp. 6
3.4 Publicationsp. 7

3. Operatonalisationp. 10
4.5 Operationalisation Schemep. 10
4.6 Questions for interviewp. 10

4. Data Analysisp. 11
5.7 Codingp. 11
5.8 Conclusionsp. 12

5. Referencesp. 13

Social Media as a News Source

1. Scope and rationale

1.0 Research Problem

Only a few years ago, social media didn’t exist. People sat down with their coffee in the morning reading the latest news headlines in the newspaper, and in the evening in front of their TV for the 8 o’clock news. These were the main news portals together with radio, magazines and a handful of news sites. Reporters and journalists knew they had to deliver news before a certain time; there was room to check your sources, for research on your topic and for the editor in chief to check on your work. Nowadays, things have changed. Social media is becoming the most influencing news source, at the expense of traditional news sources. The Arab Spring for instance, started in December 2010, is also called the ‘twitter revolution’ because of the high involvement of social media during and before the revolts.

The emerge of social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, newsgroups, YouTube and many more has made it possible for everyone, from everywhere on the planet, to post everything, whenever they feel like it. No boundaries are set, no one checks on content. It’s all about who’s able to bring news the quickest. The news flow has definitely became a lot faster, but is this rise a positive change? Are social media news sources reliable?

1.1 Concept Map

I’ve created a concept map around the central words Social Media as news, as that is the main topic of my research. I’ve included the origins of this new news-form because I believe it’s important to see the link between modern society and all its incidentals and the rise of social media. This rise creates different threats and opportunities as well as an effect on traditional media, which loses ground to those emerging forms of new media.

Social Media as News Source

Direct cause > Grow of internet users worldwide | accessibility of internet |
hunger for news | urge to share
Indirect causes >Globalization | limited press freedom | digitalizing society Characteristics > News published immediately | global access to news | everyone
can post
Lead to > Upcoming of blogs | twitter | Facebook | etc. Results > Traditional media lose ground in terms of reach and advertising |
news travels fast
Creates > Opportunities; Interaction | transparent world | censorship
Threats: No control | personal interest involved | pressure to go
with hype | no time or tools to check facts
All influences> Content

1.2 Questions

Research question

Is social media a reliable news source?

The rise of social media created a shift in media land: traditional media suffers of heavy competition of the new kinds of media. This shift doesn’t pass on silently: there is a lot of criticism on the reliability and trustworthy of social media as a news source. In order to find out is this criticism is correct, the reliability of social media as a news source has to be researched. Is it truly unreliable or is it just a repercussion of the traditional media?

I consider this an interesting topic because it is very relevant to the present time, and therefore a lot of information is to be found; mostly online.

Policy question

How can you make sure news is reliable?

In order to be...

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