Social Media as a Business Strategy

Topics: Facebook, Twitter, Sales Pages: 2 (739 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Explanatory Synthesis

In our world where business is a must to pursue any career, we see an evolution of its strategies based on technology. In fact, businesses used to have a communication with their consumers through mail. It was a one sided communication and it was usually only informative: the business itself promotes its products or explains its new services. However, the consumer nowadays plays a major role in the business; he is part of the industry’s asset for the evolution of the company. Companies still use e-mails but they base their focus on two ways conversations and this through social media

First of all, social media is defined in different ways. Some see social media as an intermediate between companies and customers (Andzulis, para.4). The easy access of social media has provided customers and companies a chat room of interest where people can talk and discuss their different points of view. Some examples of social media are Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, You Tube, Flicker, etc. Nevertheless, each social media has a function. For example, Facebook is a web page that can help friends to find and follow each other and to know about each other; in other words to refreshen their friendships whatever the social media is. Twitter is a web where you are more limited, you can share ideas and thoughts but you are restricted to 140 words only. All social media have a major role to link people together. In the article, “A Review Of Social Media Implications For the Sales Process” written by James Mick Andzulis, Nikolaos G. Panagopoulos, and Adam Rapp in the Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management (year ) they defined the social media as “the technological component of the communication, transaction and relationship building functions of a business which leverages the network of customers and prospects to promote value co-creation.” (para.6). This communication between the company and the customer doesn’t only benefit the...

References: Andzulis, J., Panagopoulos, N. G., & Rapp, A. (2012). A Review of Social Media and Implications for the Sales Process. Journal Of Personal Selling & Sales Management, 32(2), 305-316.
Castronovo, C., & Lei, H. (2012). Social Media in an Alternative Marketing Communication Model. Journal Of Marketing Development & Competitiveness, 6(1), 117-136.
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