social media and student athletes

Topics: Post, Student athlete, The A-Team Pages: 2 (1085 words) Published: October 27, 2014

NCAA Athletes and Social Media
Nathan T. Mortland
Robert Morris University
September, 30 2014
How can social media such as Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram have an effect on student athletes, their team and their school? Young adults and teenagers normally make a lot of mistakes on social media. Some normal mistakes they make are posting underage drinking, partying pictures, derogatory statements (that could be prejudice to different races, sexes, or people with a different sexual orientation) and inappropriate or revealing pictures. These mistakes could be magnified for student athletes due to how they are looked up to in their community or across the country. These mistakes can also effect the athlete’s reputation, their team’s reputation, and their school’s reputation. Social media can be very dangerous to student athletes, especially those on scholarship. Making a big mistake on a post can result in a variety of punishments. Usually, for first time offenders, it can result in a suspension. If a top player from any team gets suspended, it is going to hurt their chances of winning; this will look bad to the student athlete’s fans and could hurt their relationship with their teammates. It could also hurt the athlete’s chance of getting scouted because they now have fewer opportunities to get looked at by professional scouts. An athlete that has multiple offenses, or has a really bad first offense, could result in loss of scholarship and expulsion form the school. Some student athletes may not be able to afford tuition at another school or other schools may simply not accept the student. Any offense could possibly get any student athlete blacklisted from professional teams or a job once they receive their degree. Professional sports programs are now taking athletes behavior more seriously than ever. The professional programs want their players to be looked at as professional and looked up to as role models. Employers are looking at...

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