social media and brand awareness

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Social media and brand awareness
- a case study in the fast moving consumer goods sector

Maria Johansson

Luleå University of Technology
Bachelor thesis
Department of Business Administration and Social Sciences
Division of Industrial marketing and e-commerce
2010:129 - ISSN: 1402-1773 - ISRN: LTU-CUPP--10/129--SE

A case study in the fast moving consumer goods sector

Maria Johansson

Luleå University of Technology
Bachelor Thesis (C-uppsats)
Department of Business Administration and Social Sciences
Division of Industrial Marketing, e-commerce and Logistics


Many thanks to the respondents of the company in the single case study for taking time and energy to participate in this study and in the interview, and to share valuable information so generously. I would also like to thank my supervisor Lars Bäckström for his constructive support and assistance.


We live in the midst of a global communications’ boom where the use of social media between individuals for personal and professional use is widespread. It has been predicted that 2010 is the year when the use of social media for branding purposes will really take off in the corporate sector. The purpose of this thesis has been to look at how social media can create brand awareness. The specific area of fast moving consumer goods was chosen. This study is of an exploratory, descriptive and qualitative character, and by looking at a single case, it has been possible to withdraw necessary primary and secondary data. The most important findings were that the theoretical framework does explain how the company in the case study uses social media to create brand awareness. The great challenge that came up in the case study was for the company to find the right balance between providing contents of great interest for the audience, while at the same time respecting what kind of information the company can really go out with- it is about being relevant in social media and in all other channels of communication. This means a constant need for learning and developing new knowledge, for measuring and following up. Regarding the different degrees of brand awareness however, it was difficult to show to what extent the real case builds on the theoretical framework; that there exist a clear strategy for how to reach the different stages of brand awareness, from the weakest (recognition) to the strongest (word-of-mouth). What was considered more important by the company in the case study was to integrate social media in the total communications and PR-strategy, a task which is actually being performed at this very moment.


Vi befinner oss mitt i en global kommunikations-boom där användningen av sociala medier mellan individer för personligt och professionellt bruk är mycket utspridd. Det har förutspåtts att under 2010 kommer användningen av sociala medier i varumärkes-byggande syfte att ta fart bland företagen. Syftet med denna C-uppsats var att titta på hur sociala medier kan skapa brand awareness, framförallt inom marknaden för snabbrörliga konsumentvaror. Detta arbete är av utforskande, beskrivande och kvalitativ karaktär, och genom att studera ett single-case har det blivit möjligt att få fram nödvändiga primär och sekundärdata. De viktigaste resultaten visar på att det teoretiska ramverket kan förklara hur företaget i fallstudien använder sociala medier för att skapa brand awareness. Företaget lyfter fram att utmaningen ligger i att vara relevant i sociala medier och i alla andra kommunikationskanaler, vilket handlar om att hitta den räta balansen mellan att presentera intressant material för läsarna, samtidigt som hänsyn tas till vad företaget verkligen kan och vill gå ut med. Detta betyder ett konstant behov av lärande och att utveckla ny kunskap, av att mäta och följa upp. Beträffande de olika...

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