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Topics: Race and Ethnicity, White people, African American Pages: 5 (1391 words) Published: May 5, 2014
Ann-Melissa Pognon
English 101
November 1, 2013
Prof. Peter
Essay 3: Researched Argument
Exigence: Racism in the 21 century
Audience: Society
Racism is still alive and kicking!!! Minorities are still being targeted in work, school, recreational venues etc. because they are seen as different. “Fifty years ago, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned racial segregation in schools. Forty years ago, Congress outlawed racial discrimination in public places. Today, most white Americans think the unfair treatment of minorities is a distant memory”- (USA Today). However, this is a false sense conception of society for example the Trayvon Martin case. Although, they are not being targeted the way they were in the 1960’s, racism within our society is still alive. We undergo discrimination against certain folks because they come from a poorer background than there is seen to be of normal and high status. We tend to not want to judge them solely because they are black or Hispanic, but we end up being prejudice because of the stereotypes ( that they are thief’s, gang relation, untrustworthy ) we conceive about their particular culture. During my research I came across a blog that caught my eye. The writer of the blog took modern day racism and organized them into stages of racism. S/he says “Let us call traditional racism first-order racism, defining this as the direct disparagement of individuals based solely on skin color. Second-order racism -A person who does not dislike black people per se may still engage in activities like profiling based on assumptions about culture, with race as an essential cue in identifying that culture. Third-order racism involves two levels of abstraction, and it may be difficult to identify. One glaring example, however, is the so-called “war on drugs” (Chris Attaway). All these are forms of racism that we see almost every day of our lives, but do we really label it as such? Clearly it is evident that these are real forms that need to be addressed. Why is it okay that one is allowed to be treated wrongly based on a part of them that they didnot primarily choose; that they were born into and have no power to change? Our society allows this because appearance means everything we instinctively decide a person’s destiny on what we see on the outside. In our society we see a lot of second-order racism, where there are a lot of things being done to try to keep things segregated. Just because we don’t refer to the separation as that, does not mean that is not what it is , it still is what it is. In an article by Lucy Corbin she brings up a situation: “Although we live in a “melting pot” nation that prides itself in diversity, many people carry a pride in their own heritage and, some say, a natural instinct to stay together. This is clearly illustrated in Chicago, the most segregated city in the U.S. Anybody can walk through Hyde Park, where the University of Chicago is located, and notice the predominately white, affluent population, and then walk a few blocks to the outskirts where there is a drastic shift to a mostly African American, lower class society.” -(Lucy Corbin) Although in certain places it is just natural for this kind of separation to happen but if this is happening at such a high rate in one area there must be a stigma behind it. She goes on in her article and says “Though it is widely illegal, the book "Segregation" by James H. Carr shows how apartment building owners will not allow people of different races into their ethnic neighborhoods by providing misinformation about housing costs or quality.”-(Lucy Corbin) This right here is in fact racism. Why can’t we all live in the same community together, why are you so much better than me that I cannot lay my head where you do? Reasons like this are the reason why certain places remain in poverty because we judge to quickly and don’t give them a chance to...
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