Social Media

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Social Media
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Social Media
Social Media is growing faster and faster every day. In today‘s day and age you do not even have to go on a date to find the man you want to marry. You can hold an internet relationship and find your new mate through social media sites such as Plenty of Fish, Harmony, and Christian Mingle etc. This is not always the safest way to find a mate. A person can sound very enticing over the net telling you everything you want to hear. You do not know a person until you have physically spent time with them, lived with them and even then sometimes people get surprised. Thank about it… There were serial killers and rapists that looked and held a normal life such as Ted Bundy, his wife had no idea he was a crazy sociopath. There are also sites such as, etc. where rich men and woman look for people to “spoil”. It makes no sense to me I guess I am old fashioned but I do not think this is the way to meet people nor do I believe that it an honorable thing to do searching for someone with money to support you. It is weak and low. Another form of social media would be the very popular Facebook. People are even addicted to it so badly they cannot pay attention to their families or take care of their everyday responsibilities. Facebook has so many different uses for people; some use it to keep in touch with family and friends that live far away, some use it to advertise because it is the most widely known social media site and it is free to make your own business page, some use it to bully others, some use it for socializing with new possible mates etc. So it is very popular for this reason because it can be utilized for so many different things. It also very dangerous because it can tell people a lot more about your life then you had intended to say. The third social media network we will discuss would be the pornography sites where people can log on and see live women or men and chat with...
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