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I choose this topic is because more and more job seekers will go on social media to search for job. Even employers are putting recruitments advertisement on social media. Even like some of the jobs looking for admin staff, telemarketing staff and even sales staff the employer will just post on facebook and ask job seekers to contact them or send resume through their email address. Social media is a rising and evolving force within recruitment and resourcing. Firms are using the tools, despite the lack of knowledge, awareness and strategy and for differing reasons. Personal experiences and perspective:

Before I study for my degree program, I search my jobs through internet, from Job Street, job central, jobs DB and ST jobs. Now have 1 more new web site call head hunter. Even Kaplan is I know from internet. That’s why I choose my degree program at Kaplan and not other private schools. Looking for jobs through Job Street and job central is easier and broader, as you can search by the sector or field you want, the job position level, the job type like full time, part time or internship, even search by countries, entering the minimum monthly salary you want, years of working experience you have and just click search. Then it will come out lots of choices. This is much easier than looking and flipping through the newspapers, and 1 by 1 calling. From the internet we just have to send our resume and wait for their calls to go for interviews. And have a better view of the job scope, better understanding about the companies and what type of recruitment members are they looking for; like qualifications. And after sending the resume, you can see how many people had applied and how many percentage of chance you are getting this job. And now you also can download the application in your smart phone and do a job search while you are waiting for friends or public transports. Research topics and field:

My research topic is about new media, new media is a very huge topic, so I narrow down to do, recruitment campaign use in social media. Example of social media: facebook, twitter and YouTube. Locating research literature:

I locate the literature review from internet by searching on yahoo and Google web site. And some is reading books from library. Every week I will do some searches about my research topic see and changes in between now and the time I complete the research. Literature review:

Social media culture and social media networking platforms have had a major impact on business communication, practices and processes, increasing profitability, sustaining reputation and empowering employees. And social media is also being used in human resources for internal communication and in learning as well as for recruitment purposes. In fact, according to a Survey, a growing number of companies are using social media to recruit talent, forgoing traditional job posting sites and printed publications: 95% are using LinkedIn, 50% are using Facebook and 42% are using Twitter. Twitter

The audience for Twitter is vast and engaged.
When recruiting on Twitter, staying engaged is the name of the game. It is important to make sure your jobs are not merely being tweeted out, but they are reaching your target job seeker audience. Once you have a list of useful hash tags and industry specific chats, make sure the open positions you promote are adequately tagged so they get in front of the right candidates. If you're unable to participate in chats yourself, you can schedule tweets to make sure they coincide with the popular chats your ideal applicants will attend. This will nab you a better pool of candidates who are already discussing the issues facing your industry. One of the key goals on Twitter should be to engage with and build a community of followers who represent the right kind of talent that you might be looking for. When you have a great community of engaged talent, it becomes easier to get your message out to them and identify...
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