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Department of Business Administration
BUS 231. Principles of Marketing
Your Name: Rubab Alvi
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TITLE OF ASSIGNMENT : Social Marketing as a component of marketing strategy Due Date: March 9, 2013

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Social media or Social Marketing are the promotional tools used to facilitate conversations among people online. Social Marketing was born in 1970 according to Philip Kotler and Gerald Zaltman marketing principles that used to sell products can be used to sell ideas too. Social marketing seeks to influence social behavior not to benefit marketers but target audience and general society. It educates people about what they want and what they need other than just persuade them to buy whatever is being sold. The planning process of social marketing takes place by focusing on 4’ps of marketing mix which are product price place and promotion. Schultz the CEO of Starbucks thinks that social marketing is main component for company’s success according to him only companies successful today are those who focus on social marketing. Social media such as Facebook and twitter plays important role in marketing. These are the sites use by almost everyone today by promoting something on these sites can help in company’s success. He thinks that old techniques are no longer valid and in order to compete with today’s competitors we need to think critically and focus on consumer’s needs and their comfort. He thinks that loyalty programs are another factor of social media or marketing it makes customers to come back for their reward or points Social media is spreading all over...

Cited: 3) Harvard Business Review by Dorie Clark 11:00 AM November 14, 2012 Social Media Is Making You a Smarter Leader
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