Social Media

Topics: Internet, Communication, Nonverbal communication Pages: 3 (1210 words) Published: May 21, 2013
​Social media plays a huge role in our society. Social media is a rapidly growing industry, with approximately 56% of the world’s population using some type of social networking sites as of 2012. Social media is the means in which people interact amongst others through creating, sharing and exchanging information and ideas on virtual communities or networks. The fact that social media is all around us, it makes our everyday lives easier and more convenient. The downside of having too much social media in our daily lives is that it interferes with the social development of our society. Websites such as Facebook and Twitter allows its users to exchange thoughts and have online conversations with people they may have never met before. Our society uses such websites to have conversations with one another that maybe critical or rather personal; which leaves people being unable to have a real conversation face to face. These types of online interactions weaken our social skills and may in fact harm the intelligence of the future generation. Although, social media is a huge factor in our current society, it does not have to represent who we are as individuals. Therefore, social media hinders the development of social skills because it diminishes the authenticity of intimate conversations, it weakens basic verbal skills and it causes internet addiction. ​Social media plays a huge role in our society, causing intimate conversations to diminish because of the many facilities of social networking sites that are available at one’s disposal. Intimacy is the closeness of two individuals ranging from an emotional sharing to a physical sharing, as individuals we acquire a great deal of love and affection from one another. In a world full of social media, our basic nature of human interaction is being severely diminished as we are no longer able to have intimate conversations. The fundamental aspect of an enduring intimate relationship with a loved one, requires that people speak...
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