Social Learning Theory

Topics: Psychology, Behavior, Sociology Pages: 3 (646 words) Published: February 9, 2012
Social Learning Theory
Leona Sinclair
Ashford University
PSY 330: Theories of Personality
January 23, 2012
Instructor: Dr. Mar Navarro

Social Learning Theory
I. Background
A. Julian B Rotter’s theory of social learning theory is that he believed personality interacts with one’s environment and that behavior is changeable. B. Background and history on Rotter
II. Key Concepts
A. Rotter believed if you change the environment or how the person thinks then the behavior can be changeable. He also believed that personality is a set of stable set of potentials that respond to a certain situation. B. Belief in environment and changeable behavior

III. Human Nature Individual difference
A. How humans react to social learning situations and how an individual responds to different situations. B. Human beings behavior is more alike than one may think; exploring the differences and traits people have in common. C. Behavior differences in environment and social reaction IV. Healthy Personality

A. Exploring how Rotter utilized personality and environment to show that behavior can be changed and if the environment is difficult if changed then the thinking can be changed. V. Research
A. Behavior potential, expectancy, and reinforcement value are the predictable formula for changeable behavior. VI. Critique
A. Rotter’s theory was vastly different than Freud’s theory and it met with some criticism, it will be reviewed by those critics and those who valued his social learning theory. VII. Applications

A. Show if there are case studies conducted and the summary of those case studies. Studies of those participants whose environments were changed and how this changed their thinking and behavior. B. Other studies of behavior to show the difference in the theory vs. no change in behavior VIII. Personal Response

A. Show how the environment has changed many times and whether or not people have changed their behavior. In some cases...
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