Social Learning Ib 1 Psychology

Topics: Observational learning, Scientific method, Observation Pages: 4 (1205 words) Published: May 4, 2011
Topic: With reference to one research study explain the social learning theory.

Student: Labrini Plasari

In the beginning of Psychology, an individual would be studied taking into consideration and believing that s/he is acting alone. However, in the rising of Psychology, researchers stated the importance of the social context and that it can have a major effect on the behavior of an individual. The Sociocultural level of Analysis studies the behavior of the individual not based on his biological processes but based on the social context s/he belongs to and how the society has affected the actions of the individual.

One of the most important theories under the Sociocultural level of Analysis is the social learning theory which was developed by Albert Bandura. The social learning theory explains that behavior is learnt by observing others. The theory states that people learn behavior through observational learning of social factors in environment. When people observe positive and desirable outcomes from a specific behavior, they are most likely to imitate and adopt that behavior. Bandura stated that individuals observe behavior of others and see whether they are awarded or punished for that specific behavior. When they are awarded or even when the behaviors aren’t punished, the individual is most likely going to imitate the behavior. There are four different types of modeling, where modeling merans observing and imitating a behavior. The first type of modeling is direct modeling and it’s the simple imitation of a single behavior. The second type of modeling is the synthesized modeling which is the combination of more than one observed acts in order to create new complex behavior. The symbolic modeling is when real life human models are replaced by characters and finally the abstract modeling is the process of inferring the system of rules that underlie complex behaviors. Modeling which is observing and imitating behavior is made of four different steps....
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