Social Learning and Its Effects on Human Sexuality Decision-Making

Topics: Sexual intercourse, Human sexual behavior, Human sexuality Pages: 3 (837 words) Published: June 19, 2013
Social Learning & Its Effects on Human Sexuality Decision-Making

We as humans, always evolve around the people who raise us, who nurture us or who we associate with everyday. Even though the world is changing and interconnected through trades and merging traditions, countries and individuals still maintain their fundamental beliefs, morals and attitudes, especially about sexuality. Human sexuality is the most controversial topic in any era. We learn about sexuality through religions, media, parents, peers, school, etc.… These socializing agents are the main factors affecting our attitudes towards sexuality and our sexual behaviors. Generally, we learn through socializing, a process in which society structures individuals’ behaviors through expectations and societal norms. There are three principles of social learning: attention, cognitive interpretation, and modeling. Attention is where individuals use cognitive process to focus on only one angle of the subject and avoid other conditions in the environment. An individual pays close attention to the behaviors in society and analyze the consequences of those behaviors. From then, he/she uses “cognitive interpretation” to conclude if the behaviors observed are rewarded or punished. Cognitive interpretation is a process in which we examine events happened around us that we perceive to be threatening or beneficial. On the other hand, modeling is a method where individuals form perceived models through observed behaviors and predictions of their consequences. He/she will duplicate behaviors that are rewarded and refrain from behaviors that are punished. In my case, the most influential socializing agents are my parents. Without a doubt, they were the agents who I socialized with the most when I was developing through adolescent. This is the period where individuals learn about socialization most effectively. My attitudes, beliefs and moralities about sexuality from there established from observing my parents’...
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