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Social Justice - Short Essay

By missmissa Feb 11, 2012 441 Words
Social Justice
In all multicultural classrooms there are concerns of social justice for all students. One of the concerns is that all students get a high quality education no matter what their social standing in the world. I low income and poverty stricken areas it is a concern that students will not receive as good of an education as would a student who attends a school in a wealthier area. This is a concern because the low income schools may not receive as much funding. Low funding in turn can lead to students being taught with out of date material and technology. Another social justice concern in the classroom is for disabled or special needs students. It was common up until the quite recently to send all students with physical and mental disabilities to special education classes. Special education classes separate the special needs students from their nondisabled peers and there was hardly ever any socialization between the two. There are many students with disabilities that can learn in a regular or inclusive classroom. Students with disabilities are often treated differently and this affects the quality of their education. I believe all students should be taught with the best material and technologies available. No matter their race, gender, religion ability, each student deserves a high quality education. I think we as a community must make sure that this is possible even if it means higher taxes or more fundraising. We need to put our children’s future first before all things. Schools districts also need to test disabled students to place them in the proper learning environment. This would allow all students to get the best possible education for their learning curve. I personally plan to teach in a low income school district so that I can do my part to help give those students a high quality education. I know I will not be paid as much in this district but in the end I am not going into teaching to fill my bank account but to fill young minds with the skills and information to make them future leaders. I plan to utilize every resource available to get better material and technologies for the classroom. There are businesses will donate resources to schools and teachers they feel deserve them. I will work my hardest to show them that my school and I deserve them. I will also make sure all my students know that I think they are all equal and that no student is better than another. I feel that in the end just as all men should be treated equally, all students should be treated equally.

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