Social Justice Essay: Glory Fields

Topics: Amadou Diallo, Street Crimes Unit, Police Pages: 2 (1084 words) Published: October 29, 2014

Caylin Zimmerman
Mrs. Nordgaarden
English C
23 April 2014
Prejudism- A Disease That Remains Uncured
Gladwell, author of Blink explains how people “...are often careless with [their] powers of rapid cognition. [They] don’t know where [their] first impressions come from or precisely what they mean…” (252). When Gladwell writes this he is explaining that people do and say things too quickly without knowing what happened. People also tend to do these things based on what someone may look like, or what their first assumption is. For some, when they see someone of a race they have pre assumptions about, they may switch to the other side of the street or walk the other way to try and avoid them, without realising what they have done or understanding their fear. The shooting of Jose Guerena-Ortiz, Amadou Diallo, and Tom Robinson can be studied to somewhat validate Gladwell’s theory. All of the victims in this shooting die by getting shot from an authority figure and for Guerena and Diallo, they weren’t doing anything wrong. Also, all of them happened to be from a race other than white, all are men, and Guerena and Diallo’s shootings happened in a crime connected place. For Diallo and Guerena, they were pre-accused for a crime they didn’t commit, and then shot by the law enforcement because of their mistakes. Diallo’s shooting somewhat explains Gladwell’s theory because he was in a highly crime connected area, and has dark skin, once he was seen by the law enforcement he was instantly considered a suspicious person. What happened to Amadou Diallo somewhat supports what Gladwell says in his book about prejudices and making quick decisions. In Diallo’s shooting, however, the race of Diallo doesn’t play as big of a part in the shooting as location might have been the main cause. Amadou was forced to make quick decisions based on what he thought was about to happen to him. His first decision he made quickly without thinking of the consequences by going outside late...
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