Social Issues in “a Streetcar Named Desire”

Topics: Gender, Sociology, Social exclusion Pages: 2 (473 words) Published: October 26, 2008
When one would offer her body for money, the degree of poverty avails. Poverty, discrimination, and social class are three of the many social issues illustrated in “A Streetcar Named Desire”.

In scenes one and two. Social class issues are clearly illustrated throughout the two scenes. When Blanche first arrives at New Orleans she is shocked to see the house her sister, Stella lives in. Blanche coming from a wealthy background with fancy and expensive cloths is uneasy around Stella’s poor house. Although both are from the same family, they both had different life styles which they’ve adapted to. The social class differences between them, shows a great deal of how civilization is today. Blanche comments on Stella’s husband, Stanley very often. Stanley whom isn’t an American nor has studied English well. Doesn’t speak clear English. Which illustrates social class injustice and since Stanley’s educational background isn’t strong, this illustrates the issue of poverty.

In scene five. Blanche admits to have slept with men to get money and protection. To feel wanted, and not overlooked. Poverty being the main culprit behind these acts, has forced Blanche to do these acts. Soon after Belle Reve was lost, Blanche was left with nothing, and had to do what she could to maintain her livelihood. Poverty is also illustrated in Stanley’s background and house. He has a weak English understanding and hasn’t had a good education, and the house he, and his wife Stella live in, is a cheap house. But poor or not, they are happy without a fancy living. Poor people are often discriminated at and illustrated as living a cruel life. However some people are happy being poor, as long as they maintain their livelihood.

Throughout the novel, the writer illustrates the male figures as dominant species. Stanley talks to Stella in a degrading voice. “Let me enlighten you on”. The discrimination in the novel attacks females, illustrating them as inferior beings to males. Stanley is...
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