Social Issues in Taiwan

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Eva Chen

Social Issues in Taiwan

In recent years, many serious social issues keep happening constantly in Taiwan, causing a lot of people depressing and frustrating. According to the page of Dajiyaun published in 2009/08/29, the rate of happiness in Taiwan ranks at the bottom among seven Asian countries. People in Singapore, Vietnam, China and Korea live happier than Taiwanese. Besides the law rate of well- being, the rate of committing suicide stays at a high level as well, showing no trend of decline. Taiwanese seems having miserable lives. Nowadays, more and more people come across some difficult social issues, which are the high divorce rate in Taiwan, the problem of school bullying and the unemployment of freshman of society.

According to the page of Dajiyaun in 2006/11/06, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia all come across the problem of rising of divorce rate. The divorce rate in Taiwan is the highest among all Asian countries. The number of couples divorced in 2003 has hit a record of 61213. In 2006, the number of divorced couples has hit 64540, according to statistics released by the Ministry of the Interior. Recently, many people prefer being single to married. Thus, many couples ended their marriage in divorce because of three main causes, which are lack of communication between couples, the financial hardship and the changing of conceptions.

One of the courses of divorce is lack of communication between couples. According to Lihpao Daily in 2010/04/22, lacking for communication has become the main cause of divorce. Because most couples do not communicate with each other properly, they lead to divorces with issues unresolved from small turning into big. The most common situation is that the wife asks the husband to spend more time with the family. However, the husband still hangs out with friends frequently after getting married. This kind of little event often brings about getting divorce. In addition, the problem of lacking of communication happens frequently in double incomes family. They are both busy and working during the day and taking care of housework after work. I come from a double incomes family. My parents often argue for little things. For example, My father thinks that having bathtub is useless but my mom insists having a bathtub. At first, they argue for the little decision. After few minutes, their topic changes from bathtub to the problem of living habits.

Another common cause of divorce is financial hardship. Couples will divorce if they cannot afford daily expense and huge debt. A traditional saying in Taiwan: Poverty and deprivation forever bring miseries to marriage. Constant quarrels will bring about divorcing of the family always in debt. According to the page of the Liberty News in 2009/07/18, Lin and Wang was a married couple and they relied on few wages to raise a kid. They didn’t have enough money to rent a house and raise a kid. Therefore, this young couple lived in the Internet café and let their child sleep on the motorcycle. After the couple was founded by the police, they decided to divorce and agreed with the police to send their child to another fine family. Another example was reported in the page of Apple Daily in 2012/05/19, a man who lived in Tainan sued his wife because he wanted to divorce with her. His wife spent 28000000 within 15 years and used his name to borrow 500000 from the bank. In addition, the man worried about financial problems all the time and was diagnosed with melancholia. He can’t help but ask to divorce. Though money is not everything, you cannot live without money. Regardless of how much the couple love each other, they will end in divorce and the family will be destroyed if they cannot afford to pay the daily expenses.

The third cause of divorce is changing of conceptions. Nowadays, people tend to focus on the quality of marriage. Today’s society is different. In earlier society, people emphasized the stability of marriage....
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