Social Issues in Hong Kong Teen Suicide

Topics: Suicide, Adolescence, Suicide methods Pages: 4 (1265 words) Published: May 15, 2012
Adolescence is a developmental period when youth begin to experience a desire for intimacy and increased responsibilities both socially and academically. A number of factors influence how adolescents navigate this period of change. Positive outcomes are more likely if adolescents engage in healthy activities, have adequate social support, and are connected with their families. However, the negotiation of developmental tasks in adolescents may also be quite challenging and difficult, leading to the onset of adolescent depression, substance use, and ultimately suicide

The number of teenagers taking their own lives is increasing rapidly each year. Hong Kong was ranked 23rd out of 107 countries following suicides per 100,000 per year in 2009. Together we can help prevent this devastating trend going on in our youth. We need to inform everyone of what the warning signs are of a teenager contemplating suicide. Once we have that recognized we can seek them the proper help they need. No one should feel as though they need to commit suicide for any reason. Is it really appropriate to allow our young adults in the world now days to think “The only way to get rid of this pain is to end my own life?” Is it really right that young adults today are resorting to such a drastic measure?"

Some people may wonder what suicide actually is? Suicide is the act of one taking their live on purpose. The ways people commit suicide varies, but the act of suicide itself remains the same. Some people overdose on prescription pills, slit their wrists, shoot themselves, jump off cliffs or buildings and so. But what we can do as fellow peers, members of the same community, children of god etc. We can take the time out of day to help those who need us. “Cherish the small things in life.” The smallest thing can make a big difference in one’s life.

Why do people commit suicide? This is almost a similar question those who lost a loved one to suicide may ask. The only...
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