Social Issues: Gagged in Mexico by Michelle Wojcik

Topics: Abortion, Abortion debate, Pregnancy Pages: 3 (950 words) Published: March 22, 2006
Gagged in Mexico

By Michelle Wojcik

Imagine being a young girl in Mexico and you get raped by your father. This situation should be hard enough to imagine, but to add on to your problem, you realize that you are pregnant. You know that you don't want the baby so you plan on aborting it. The laws are very strict in Mexico when dealing with abortion and you know this. Since this is a case of rape, it states in the law that it is legal for you to abort the fetus. One problem, when you go to get the abortion, no doctor will do it in fear of being prosecuted by the government. You think to yourself that this shouldn't be happening because the law clearly states that this is a legal thing to do, but in Mexico, even f it is a law, doctors still get threatened and prosecuted by the government for performing abortions all the time.

In Mexico, they have their own abortion laws, but they rely heavily on family planning help money from the United States. One problem…President Bush ordered the State Department to withhold the U.S.'s family planning help from overseas groups that promote or perform abortions without their own money. Mexico doesn't have the best economy and there are families in poverty that cannot afford abortions. So families have a choice, they can get the abortion and give up government money for family planning that they are eligible for, or they can keep it which is their choice. If they don't want the fetus though, the woman is endangered and so is her family when it come to their health and healthcare. Women are essentially given an ultimatum in the long run.

The United States Government has many opinions about the Global Gag Rule. Having it vetoed and then reinstated would prove that. Traditionally the Senate has voted to oppose the ban while the House has supported it. Along with the Global Gag Rule that the U.S. has placed on other countries, Mexico being the major one, Mexico also has its own laws against abortion. The...
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