Social Issues

Topics: Experience, Poverty, Social exclusion Pages: 2 (857 words) Published: August 25, 2013
AMAN, Ayumi Kyoko C.

Our country today experiences a lot of social issues. Ever since, I have observed and witnessed the continuous growth of these issues through television, the internet and I have read some articles on the newspapers. The three issues I will cite, for me, are continuously growing and haven’t yet had the solution. Poverty may be the most common social issue in most countries. When I was a kid, I used to think of us as “poor” because of the experienced bankruptcy with our previous company. We were forced to move in a smaller house, my parents could not afford the things I want. That was my definition of poverty back then, the incapacity to afford things and having less luxury. While growing up, my perspectives changed when we got out of that state. It seems to me that when I reached a particular age, I became more observant of the things around me. It was summer that time when me and my brother joined an outreach group to teach children in a particular area. I was astonished of the sight I was seeing. Their surroundings were filthy, water leaking everywhere, windows shattered, houses made of poor quality wood. The children we taught were very thin as if they looked malnourished. I know that experience of mine was just a tip of the ice berg compared to other people’s experiences. It really broke my heart and made me realize how fortunate I am of the lifestyle I have now. I felt embarrassed because I used to complain and compare myself to my friends who have this and that, but now I’m just thankful. For me, you can’t really solve poverty if you’re not the one experiencing it. You really have to help yourself to get out of that situation. I recently read an article about poverty in Uganda that the poor young adults were given unconditional cash grants, and four years later, the recipients of these grants had more business capital and more earnings than those in a control group. Maybe if the government concentrated more on teaching those who...
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