Social Issues

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My character's name is innocent gnome. Innocent gnome is very innocent. Innocent gnome is very brave, and has the potential to fight any enemy that comes along the way. But the only problem with innocent gnome, is the fact that he is scared of “crispy chicken the giant”. Crispy chicken the giant is a humongous chicken, who is so crispy and so hard, that it is nearly impossible to kill him. Innocent gnome has tried many times, with his bravery, to kill the crispy chicken, but has always failed, because it is just so impossible to kill the crispy chicken due to his “crispiness”. To protect himself from the crispy chicken, and to make sure the crispy chicken does not come in his way, he uses barriers that he invented/created himself to defend himself from the evil crispy chicken the giant.

Innocent gnome is always very upset, because he can never kill the crispy chicken. He feels like a really big loser. His dream was to always do something awfully terrible to the crispy chicken because the crispy chicken just scares him a bit too much. Every single gnome in gnome island has tried to kill this treacherous chicken, but every gnome has always failed. Innocent gnome is known as someone who can never do anything. Someone who is just a loser, and just not worthy of accomplishing something big; and innocent gnome has always wanted to prove all these other gnomes wrong. He wanted to prove everyone that he can do something, and something as in ANYTHING. But what? What could he do? He wanted to find some way to kill this obnoxious crispy chicken and be a HERO. So one day, innocent gnome took all his barriers that he had ever created and just sat with them in his room. He thought: “I have always 'tried' to kill the crispy chicken, and what I have tried to do is just hit him. But I always smacked him out of FEAR and not confidently because I was always scared”. “What if I tried to go, and smack and stab him and murder him with lots of confidence”....
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